Africa Leads: The Forum for the Future of Education in Africa

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Our goal is to create a virtual Forum, that brings together educators from across the African Continent with invested partners from around the globe, to both reflect and act around sharable solutions that empower educators into the future.

In short, our vision is to see motivated educators, in the private and the public sector, coming together to address educational challenges in Africa.

Africa’s projected population growth makes the continent a significant human capital market that requires an educated, skilled, and competent workforce. When we gather together and discuss our challenges, share our success stories or new ideas, we inspire each other. We create partnerships with the private sector and together create solutions for the learning crisis.


Our partners and distinguished speakers have unique skills and connections that empower them to think deeply about the future of education. Click below to browse our database of partners & participants.

Participants in the Forum for the Future of Education in Africa come from around the Globe. Click below to see what countries our participants call home.

The Global Education Crisis

The world faces a significant learning crisis. A United Nations Sustainable Development report notes that Africa and South Asia has half of the world’s illiterate population with about 617 million youth globally who lack basic mathematics and literacy skills. These numbers are alarming, particularly for Africa, because it is estimated that by 2050, two in every five children will be born on the African continent.

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